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poe Update 3.1.0 will probably release on Friday December 8st

poe're at present nine weeks into the The Abyss Challenge League and this may have you questioning how extended you've left to complete your challenges and what is happening from now until poe next expansion launches.

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ff14gilstore:Complexity/Sensory Overload

You merely have two eyes yet your keeping an eye on chat window in-case someone asks for help or is in trouble, changing of battle plans or giving others information or updates in the fight.

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  • @ Charlotte
    50000 K FFXIV Gil
    Great service, delivery was great and customer service was on point! :D Dec/12/2017 22:49:04
  • @ Custorm
    90000 K FFXIV Gil
    Good service, have ordered close to $1000 from them. However I advise all individuals who wish to use this service to read their terms, and their rules carefully. Make sure you change your password when your order is done, as I have had problems with former employees of Website having continued access to my account. Always keep your security in mind when dealing with any gold site. This aside USFine is the best, you wont get banned, hacked or lose your money by these people. Dec/12/2017 19:27:15
  • @ Anon
    300000 K FFXIV Gil
    Very fast to deliver! Thanks very much! Dec/12/2017 17:07:21
  • @ Very fast service!
    20000 K FFXIV Gil
    They were very quick and talked me through the whole process. They delivered in under five minutes and were very courteous. Dec/12/2017 13:46:53
  • @ steven l
    6000 K FFXIV Gil
    awesome, complete awesome! if you ever get on chat, I hope you guys get jee liu! he is the bomb! Dec/12/2017 04:22:01
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